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You can save thousands of dollars


     A typical seller offers a commission of 2.5 to 3% of the home’s sales price to the buyer’s agent. If we represent you, and if the purchase price of your home is $480,000 or more, we’ll limit our commission to as little as 1.25% and credit the balance of our commission back to you at close of escrow.

     For example, suppose a seller is offering a 2.5% cooperating broker commission, and you want to make a $600,000 offer on a home. If you make the offer through us and the deal goes through, then we’ll credit 1.25% of the sales price--or $7,500--back to you at close of escrow.

     Here are some examples of how much you could save:

Purchase price Buyer's agent's commission
back to you
$500,000 2.5% or $12,500 1.25% or $6,250
$500,000 3% or $15,000 1.75% or $8,750
$800,000 2.5% or $20,000 1.25% or $10,000
$800,000 3% or $24,000 1.75% or $14,000
$1,200,000 2.5% or $30,000 1.25% or $15,000

     Our commission is 1.25% for buyers who ask us to show them no more than ten homes, and who make offers through us on no more than six different homes.  If you wish to have us unlock more than ten homes, we'll do so for an additional $50 per home, and we'll write additional offers beyond the included six for just $200 per home.  These surcharges are deducted from your rebate, and are payable only if you end up buying a home with our help.

Click here to see what the US Department of Justice says about Buyer Rebates.

     How you use your credit will depend upon your lender's policies.  Many buyers are able to use their cash credits for closing costs or to reduce the purchase price of their homes.  Some are able to use the money to furnish or landscape their new home.

How can we do it for so much less?

     Traditional buyers' agents charge more because many of their clients insist on seeing dozens of homes before making a decision.  Our clients are usually web-savvy homebuyers who have a good idea of what they want. 

     With median homes prices running about $600,000 in California, a traditional buyer's agent normally collects about $15,000 to $18,000 per sale.  It isn't hard for us to charge less than that and still provide quality services.  



A buyer's agent for a typical California transaction
gets a commission of $15,000 to $18,000.

We think that's too much. is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate through Lori Alden, Broker (License No. 01811185)  This is not intended as a solicitation of anyone who is already in a contract with a licensed agent. We respect all existing contract relationships.

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